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Join The Whistler Valley Snowboard Club!

WVSC has a many different packages to suite your schedule, for ages 9 and up at an intermediate level wanting to progress their freeride and freestyle skills!

  • Full Weekend
    Up To 42 Days

    Ages 9 and up

  • Designed for riders to train all season long during weekends, over Christmas holidays, and Spring Break. This program also includes photos, video analysis and the option to compete in contests at other mountains. Program starts on the first weekend of December Includes a season pass for those 18 and under. 

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  • Half Season
    Up to 27 Days

    Ages 9 and up

  • For the riders that want to be a part of Club but also have other commitments throughout the winter. It delivers the same impactful snowboarding experience without a season long commitment. Christmas and Spring Break riding, photos and video analysis included. Choose from Saturday or Sunday, the program starts on the first weekend of December.  Includes a season pass for those 18 and under.

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Our whole system is aimed at developing strong all mountain freestyle riders. Snowboard style and performance is strongly influenced by creative, flow led riding, and interpretation of natural terrain. Whistler Blackcomb provides the perfect playground for developing a young rider’s all around snowboard skills. Our coaches deliver a balanced 50% free ride focus, 25% park focus and 25% speed focus for riders entering the club at this level. It’s not that we don’t focus on freestyle, or racing specifically, we focus those efforts in natural terrain settings to give the riders the best chance to adapt and apply new skills in their own way.

At this level we also encourage all of our club members to begin to attend local and where appropriate provincial level events. Our coaches introduce how to prepare for, and participate in snowboard competitions, and they provide support at the level the rider requires. Results are not as important as having the experience, and our coaches work to ensure the riders enjoy the process.

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